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The high quality clothing that fits in the Made in Italy is recognized and appreciated in every corner of the world. Alè is no exception, indeed it is one of the best representatives of this flag: with a modern Italian design combined with their extreme ability to create comfortable and functional garments characterized by the bold designs and fluorescent colors, a real trademark of the Casa Veronese.<BR>Whether it's boiling hot or icy cold in winter very little changes, Alè is able to satisfy even the most demanding cyclists. The details and the attention given to each square inch of fabric will immediately tell you how Alè has developed its garments directly on the physics of professional athletes working together with the company.<BR>The result? Is soon to be told! The Alè socks and tights are finished with V-shaped elastic inserts to fit perfectly, to the more technical jerseys with a "second skin" fit, guaranteeing the absence of unwanted movements with total comfort in any condition, the winter jackets are maid with pre-formed sleeves so as to not interfere with the athletes movements, the zips feature an anti-pinch protection, most of the range includes reflective inserts that increases the safety of the cyclist when the light is low and so the list can go on an on.<BR>The hours spent in the saddle will no longer be the same with Alè chamois and fabrics: find yourself familiar with the collection that best suits your attitude in terms of performance, comfort, materials and take on your next ride: you won't regret it!

Would you prefer an alternative component manufacturer? Alligator is undoubtedly one of the most important brands to consider whenever you need to intervene on some of the most wearable bicycle components. We're talking about brakes and cables, which are always subject to considerable wear and tear. It will happen to everyone at least once during heavy rainfall or especially in muddy situations, noticing the excessive wear of the brake pads, cables and outer cables that are no longer working properly too late. With Alligator you can always have a pair of emergency brake pads in the garage, or in the backpack, for whatever braking system you need, synthetic or organic. Personalization is an aesthetic appeal that we all desire: when the time comes to change our discs or gear cables, with Alligator you can indulge in captivating profiles and differentiated colors to customize your road or mountain bike and make it as unique as you like!

The Made in Italy in the bicycle industry is undoubtedly Campagnolo. A prestigious design and technology, a brand that has been producing bicycle components since 1933 - just to think that one of the first shifting models in history came from the company vicentina and the innovation has continued to gallop over the years up until the latest electronic transmission models. Having a complete Campagnolo group set on our road bike will also give it a bit of an extra charm: it only takes one part to make it recognisable from a distance with a sight look of emotion. A wheel set with a proverbial smoothness of Cult bearings, perfectly refined brakes, or a pair of Super Record 11 speed shifters with carbon levers are only examples. When we are in the saddle, Campagnolo is appreciated with precision and ergonomics: all of the products are geared to optimize the cyclist's performance in every condition.<BR>Often the quality of assembly on a bicycle is recognised by the components by just a minor glance: we only think about the importance of the chain, indispensable for transmitting the force on the pedal going to the wheel: precision in detail! This precision and perfection is visible and tangible in all components: a concentration of technique, care and attention that makes Campagnolo products worthy of their name.

The Castelli brand and the scorpion that has been representing it since 1974 are closely linked to the idea of innovation and avant-garde in the field of cycling apparel, whether it is a division of professional teams, or a pair of tights and a jerseys to use during training.<BR>Studies and research on carefully crafted and refined materials year after year allows Castelli to continually renew and remain firmly on top of the wish list of cycling enthusiast who wants to get the most out of their equipment.<BR>The company's philosophy and extremely race-oriented approach allowed the creation of the Nano Flex fabric, the Aero Race Jersey used by the Italian National team at the Rio 2016 Olympics and the Sanremo suit, this just to name some of the most overwhelming revolutions in the field of cycling clothing.<BR>Unbeatable as a storm on the horizon Castelli extends its knowledge and technology to new disciplines as these take of on foot, relying on the professionals but also with the experience of the athletes and simple cyclists who thanks to their contribution gives important strength to the Research &amp; Development Team To satisfy every possible need.<BR>Aerodynamics, lightness, warmth, waterproof or comfort in long distances: there is a Castelli product suitable for whatever style and wherever you want to take your passion on the bicycle.

Which type of handlebar does the cyclists use in the grand Tours? There is probably a reason why the world's best bikes are equipped with Dedaelementi components. Seatpost, stem and handlebar, Other than the Looks it is essential to ensure minimum comfort and direct contact during the most critical phases during a ride. Studies on ergonomics and rider position along with the know-how accumulated year after year on the race field in collaboration with professional teams enables Deda to always be a step ahead of the competition, especially when the goal is to excel. Superleggera and Superzero are the most sought-after parts from professional and enthusiasts who demand the utmost lightness and reliability as well as a modern design in which aluminum and carbon are machined to master and maximize their respective strengths. A small reality that wants to grow and remain at the top of the market should never stop, for this reason Deda looks at new sectors of the two wheels with the same enthusiasm with which it has climbed the rankings in road racing, especially the recent Mud line which Sharpens the eye on mountain bikes and certain upgrades theme on wheels and frames confirm the successful thirst that features Dedaelementi since its origins.

It is impossible not to know the exciting Danny MacAskill and his famous videos. The Endura clothing he wears can only be of high quality to withstand his mesmerizing tricks: functional and long-lasting cycling clothing. These are key features our gear must necessarily have. The Endura brand focuses on these fundamental values ​to create a technical range of clothing to meet all your needs. As the UK's largest manufacturer of cycling clothing, the Scottish brand has grown in the years and is now known around the world, both in the world of road cycling, given the recent sponsorship of the UCI Movistar Pro Team. Endura has been known for years and still continues to be an example of the Singletrack mountain bike line, which consists of clothing such as shorts and jackets, but also basic accessories such as helmets, gloves and eye-wear. The highest quality of materials, style, simple lines, functional and yet comfortable while in the saddle. No matter how you live on two wheels, you will always find an Endura outfit that fits perfectly to your style!

Evoc was born in the 2000s, entering the sporty backpack sector with a revolutionary idea: to integrate a back protection in the backpack, exploiting its position and comfort, for a lightweight protection always present during our rough sport. Mountain biking is obviously one of the major success areas with this type of backpack. Over the years, the backpack, like all sports accessories, has been remarkably developed and Evoc has joined the famous shielding backpacks, an endless range of backpacks for all the needs, from the lighter and tighter ones, useful in long races up to to the bigger backpacks useful for trail and enduro rides in the mountains. Each backpack has a water bag compartment for optimum hydration and is specially designed for each discipline, with ergonomic compartments for all your needs, and accessories such as the helmet carry strap and bag cover, without leaving anything behind. The robust materials are chosen to give superiority without neglecting breathability, while the backrest technology, shoulder straps and straps are constantly evolving to provide maximum stability and ventilation in all situations. Besides a complete and exhaustive sports backpack line, another best-seller of Evoc is the world's most famous Bike Travel Bag Pro, perfectly designed and ideal for carrying our beloved bicycle around the world.

When riding do you feel like a snake, a bull or a chameleon? There is no doubt that we are not all the same and Fizik tries to differentiate themselves into these three macro-classes of physical structures to find the best posture based on flexibility and pelvic rotation. It is well known that the saddle is the most appreciative object we have on our beloved bicycle: this is our body's most direct contact point to the bike and for this it is essential that the combination is biochemically perfect. The athletes from the World Tour Teams knows what its about, they spend hours upon hours riding their bikes every day: claiming the best performance from the saddle, they choose to ride Fizik.<BR>Over the years, the Vicenza brans has become one of the symbols of the Made in Italy in the cycling industry, evolving until today's realization of everything we could call the "cockpit" of the bicycle. all those components and accessories that transmit pedalling sensations through direct body contact: starts from the saddle, with an infinite range of typologies and sizes: the most famous models are Arione, Antares and Aliante in many variants. Let's proceed going through from Cyrano line handlbars, stems, bar tape, shoes,<BR>Beauty, speed and passion are the sensations that a Fizik products transmits. It is perceived by the high quality of construction materials, such as carbon fibres materials and the extreme differentiation of saddles, which are always the core business of the company: different widths, lengths and profiles for a perfect ergonomic fit to find the best feeling during a ride. It is no coincidence that they are chosen by many professional road and mountain biking champions.

Garmin is a world leader in the navigation products industry. the GPS over the years has become a commonplace for all of us, in a variety of everyday activities. Tracking our rides has now become normal, from saving the activity to sharing it with the most famous social Apps like Strava, Runtastic, or Garmin Connect. The cycling computer has become increasingly evolved and differentiated. The Garmin Edge comes in the various models such as 520, 820 and 1000, and is the bicycle computer excellence tool, with dozens of different functions on the tracking in progress and on various sensors such as mapping, management and controlling of our Vector Power Meters. Also Ideal for fitness, we can use a single device to monitor for example heart rate: no more cardiac bands for Garmin watches, but a direct detection on the wrist, Garmin Elevate! Not only that, Garmin also offers other useful functions and devices during and after our sporting activities. Are you not curious about the multifunction scales? The fast and immediate Bluetooth connectivity of ANT + sensors makes our Garmin a multi-function smart accessory, virtually indispensable for an ever-connected sporting activity.<BR>

One of the most renowned brands when talking about high-tech technical clothing is surely Gore. The in-depth field studies have allowed Gore to express all the technological potential of water and cold weather protection to the point of becoming the undisputed reference when climatic conditions become really extreme. The Gore-Tex and WindStopper membranes are an instant classic of the Gore thermal outfit facing water, cold, wind and snow without distraction. The Gore Bike Wear division is aimed at cyclists looking for specific items designed for bike riding, but if you are a hiker, explorer or skier, this name will certainly be familiar.<BR>Specific models designed to satisfy different categories such as mountain bike, road bike or a more urban style differentiates a large variety of products adapted to meet the most varied needs: from winter jackets to tights, thermal jerseys to convertibles passing through a Complete range for hands, feet and head accessories. Frost and rain will never be a problem again!

Staying on the top of the Market without sitting on the side bench but even reinventing and continuously widening the horizons towards other fields with the clear goal of always leading is Mavic's modus operandi. When you think of a performance wheel Mavic is one the first manufacturers that appears in your mind. Cosmic, Ksyrium, R-Sys and Ultimate have made the story of the big racing wheels and are still doing this, blending together the latest technologies with a solid construction tradition that does not betray the weight of the years but rather enhancing the end result. Pure climbers love the low-profile, super-light aluminium wheels with an unmatched stability that only by putting them through the limits during your favourite route will they be fully appreciated, While the group riders remain ecstatic about the high carbon profiles for tubular and clinchers, an ever green from the French brand. <BR>The clothing and accessory range are busy building the foundation of becoming on of the most desired objects for every cyclist, including mountain bikers. Talking about MTB don't forget the names such as Xa and Crossmax: The competition is awed thanks to the reliability and top-notch design allowing more grip during races and most insidious conditions. <BR>

The tire is the only point of contact between our bicycle and the ground, for this it is crucial that it consists of the highest quality: Maxxis is one of the world's leading manufacturers in tires and the orange brand stands out as a sponsor for major events in its sector. It is impossible not to connect it to a mountain bike cover. Since the start of the gravity disciplines such as downhill and free-ride, Maxxis has always been a firm point to guarantee traction and reliability on any terrain. The renowned Minion DHF, DHR and High Roller the, the award-winning tires and ubiquitous gravity competitions ever since, have made history as a US producer, differentiating over time into infinite varieties of structures and blends. Maxxis is not only synonymous with DH or FR: even where the knobs are smaller and closer, and smoothness is required, we rely on the grip of well-known models in the XC race fields around the world; Just to mention Crossmark, a classic cross country / marathon tire, constantly evolving like the rest of the Maxxis tires. As in the last few years, the tire is continuously and constantly differentiated and has to follow the new standards of wheel sizes, different in diameter or width: being it 29 inches or 27.5, or the recent tires with increased volumes, called Plus, Maxxis Is at the forefront and is ready to attack rocks, roots, and disadvantages of the ground without loosing the best path.

You can ask anyone who rides a bike, from adventurer to cyclist, to the professional World Tour but everyone will answer the same way: the best cycling glasses are always Oakley. The merit is not only the Prizm lenses for a perfect vision and the virtually indestructible Grilamid frame, but is also in continuous technological development that embraces the latest innovations and makes them available to enthusiasts that even knowing before using them they will be comfortable and stimulating.&nbsp; Oakley's most fast-selling photochromatic glasses are Oakley, as well as the most protective polarized lenses for the eyes that are susceptible to direct light and annoying reflections. In addition to this, the collaboration with the best international teams raises the performance bar offered year after year, because every rider sitting on the saddle has the right to make the most of his potential without having to worry about the sun in their eyes or dark shadowed areas when the path creeps into a thick forest.

When passion meets innovation and the know-how necessary to design components from top to bottom, the result you get is under everyone's eyes: Rotor.<BR>The most famous oval chain blades Made in Spain are the results of an ingenious find from a group of outspoken cyclist who have tried and tested themselves in any way possible on how to improve the experience on the bike, first getting the feeling, then demonstrating by hand - that the traditional round chain blades had a further margin of improvement to achieve the perfect pedalling efficiency, eliminating the "emptiness" that arises in specific conditions. Simply genius! Super-light aluminium, ultra-precise CNC machining. With the same initiative Rotor has expanded its horizons and now produces complete crank-sets with built in power meters integrated into the crankshaft, because it's not necessary to add more components adding extra weight to have everything you want, its often necessary to optimize what already exists. Step by step and thanks to the collaboration with the most famous brands in the respective sectors Rotor celebrates the birth of its first UNO group-set: The future is already at your service.

"Elevate your performance" is the recurring slogan at Rudy Project's home and it perfectly reflects what Rudy Barbazza wanted since the beginning of her company, by creating high-tech glasses, helmets and technical accessories that meets the specific needs of professionals regarding visibility and protection. <BR>Do you have a visual defect or eyes that are extremely sensitive to light? Can not find a frame that faithfully follows the lines of your face? Then the Rudy Project eye-wear is for&nbsp; you, it allows you to explore the limits testing yourself in every sport during all possible conditions. When it comes to improving visual comfort and consequences, performance does not matter if you're an Ironman finisher or in a midweek training session, your needs are equally important to those who triumph at world championships.<BR>Add to this an R &amp; D department driven by enthusiasm and the desire to meet even the most demanding athletes who require - for example - corrective inserts and it becomes straightforward to understand how Rudy Project has become a flag carrier of Made in Italy all over the world. The production of glasses and helmets is now consolidated and provides for a constant upgrade of products that embrace the best available technologies - photochromic lenses and MIPS protection systems to name but a few of the most sought-after - maintaining an unmistakably Italian design.

From urban bikes to racing bikes, Shimano is written on the components, wheels and accessories without any great price difference. When talking about quality cutting-edge technology Shimano is always talked about and it is no coincidence that only in a few years the Osaka House has outclassed competitors with a long history on the shoulders and has revolutionized the way of biking - think about the rising numbers of mechanical and Di2 group-sets. <BR>Names such as Shimano Ultegra and Dura-Ace are ready to race: it stirs up excitement in the Junior categories as much as in the senior ones that has raced with group-sets that has lead to the current products appreciated all over the world. <BR>A 360° brand cannot neglect mountain bikes, born as a passionate fashion in the late 80's, soon became a real pillar fo the two wheels, in fact Shimano also designs components needed for the adventurous off-road use that constitutes the base of the MTB spirit. It should not surprise the appeal of the Deore line, subsequently declined in the XT and XTR line (an acronym reserced for the super top carbon range versions) since according to experts and enthusiasts permeates perfection. Shimano: a guaranteed trademark.

Sidi is family business born with the passion and commitment of Dino Signori with the love of the two wheel sport, especially since its foundation stands out for the innovative and award winning solutions that brings cycling shoes to becoming more and more identity Defined and affirmed as a real dispensable tool for every cyclist. <BR>The Sidi brand boasts over forty years of history behind which it has strengthened its image as an undisputed leader amongst professional athletes, amateurs and simple cyclists who appreciates the famous Sidi fit, which has now become a reference even for competing manufacturers. <BR>The Vent sole in carbon from the Sidi Wire, Tiger and Shot together with the 3 push Techno closure as well as the reinforced Millenium Nylon sole pared with the classic lever calliper of the Eagle 7 and Genius 7 are the benchmarks: you will not find anything better in their respective category.<BR>Without to much pride Sidi brings the excellence of Made in Italy brand around the world collecting victories upon victories in the most prestigious races. <BR>

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