Fulcrum E-Metal 3 27.5" 2 Way Fit-Ready AFS Boost wheelset LordGun online bike store

The smaller diameter version of the wheel that is the benchmark for Trail riding.  Not only for smaller frames, but also and especially for those choosing greater wheel travel or the easier handling offered by this size.

All the technologies introduced by the E-MTB specific project, or rather the refinements and innovations, are already there, ready to prove their worth on downhill trails. The welded rim with differentiated asymmetric profile, bladed spokes with variable profile or the reinforced hub with disc flange designed specifically for the bigger diameter discs required to slow down the momentum of an E-MTB, are just some of the examples of a promise delivered right from the start.

The first roots and two sharp pedal strokes are all it takes to make you realize that E-Metal 3 will be a turning point for your bike’s dynamics.


  • Tyre type: 2-Way Fit Ready (for clincher and tubeless).
  • Tyre size: 27.5".
  • Discipline: Trail / Enduro.
  • Rim material: Aluminum.
  • Profile height: Front: 23 / Rear: 18 mm.
  • Rim width: 35 mm.
  • Inner rim width(channel): 30 mm
  • Tyre width: From 2.0” to 2.8".
  • Braking system: disc brake.
  • Front axle compatibility: HH15-110 Boost.
  • Rear axle compatibility: HH12-148 Boost.
  • Front wheel spokes: 28, Left 14 - Right 14.
  • Rear wheel spokes: 28, Left 14 - Right 14.
  • Spokes material: Inox bluing.
  • Spokes profile: Rounded 2.0-1.8-2.0 mm, straight pull, reinforced head.
  • Nipples: Aluminum, self-lock.
  • Front hub: Aluminum, aluminum flange.
  • Rear hub: Aluminum, aluminum flange.
  • Bearings: Sealed cartridge bearings.
  • Aluminum Axle.
  • Weight limit: 150 kg (system).
  • Real weight: 2045 g (Front: 928 g. Rear: 1117 g).


2-Way Fit Ready
The evolution of tubeless in a rim for racing or mountain bikes.
Fulcrum rim profile ensures perfect compatibility with tubeless-ready tires after quick easy transformation.
They have combined the advantages of tires without inner tubes, lower rolling resistance and better ground grip on bends—in other words, improved steering, true response and increased comfort.
The transformation calls for tape and tubeless valves, and a sealant must be used.

High strength Aluminum
Special aluminium - the best aluminium wheels require carefully chosen materials. For "High strength Aluminum", Fulcrum® R&D uses only the best aluminium alloy 6082, with artificial ageing T6 temper that stabilises the alloy and gives it maximum life and reliability.
Aluminium 6082 has the highest strength of the 6000 series and has replaced 6061 in many applications. It is generally used for high-stress applications.

Asymmetric rim
The asymmetry is designed to improve rim tension, balancing the forces from brakes and sprocket cassette.

Differentiated profile delta for e-mtb
The front and rear wheels of a mountain bike have two very distinct roles. While they both must must roll in an efficient manner the front wheel is tasked more with rideability and handling while the rear must carry more weight and transfer power from the drivetrain.
The increased weight, added power and more extreme forces represented by the E-MTB only serve to make great design for the specific needs of each wheel all the more necessary. As a result, Fulcrum E-MTB wheels incorporate specific profiles for front and rear.
The front rim is more rigid and aids in maneuverability while the rear rim (with lower in profile) is flatter and reinforced to deal with the larger impacts in a more efficient and comfortable manner.
Asymmetrical: this is a well know solution for Fulcrum, and it is also confirmed for the E-Mtb project.
The asymmetry makes it possible to leverage on the inclination and length of the spokes to optimise the forces coming from the cogset and from the disc brake during the braking operation. This makes it possible for all elements to work together and create the ideal balance.

The wheels are the contact element with the ground, where the shocks from the ground first discharge.
When the suspensions work at maximum capacity, the frame collects and distributes the stress, the system is subjected to really high forces.It is during jumps, when we go over potholes, or take bends at high-speed, during the most exiting moments, and the more thrilling downhills that we demand the most from our bike.
The wheel-tyre system, in this respect, must guarantee stability during repeated stress. At the same time, our engineers certainly could not guarantee this by adding material: weight must always be low, to keep the ride pleasant and reactive.
It was decided to develop an internal support architecture, a bridge insert positioned diagonally, so that it can counter the front shocks.
By leveraging the structure geometry, the load is distributed on the whole rim, preventing thus excessive compression.
The maximum result with the minimum weight load: this detail allowed a 10% side rigidity increase and a 14% increase on the vertical one, changing thus drastically the overall performance.

Specific nipple housing
7% more reliable.
Such a small part, yet so important. The nipples and their housing are one of the most important element that are taken into account during the design of a wheel.
During the development of the new E-Mtb Fulcrum rims, a lot of work was put into this aspect. The housing has been re-designed and now it makes it possible to eliminate completely the nipples' hard work.
Thanks to a special housing, with side guides on both sides, the nipple sets on a stable base, perfectly in position, oriented towards the spoke.
This makes it possible to make the distribution of the tensions in the rim more even, creating thus perceptible benefits in terms of effort and rigidity: this prevents misalignments under stress and, as a consequence, deformation to the structure.

Reinforced head spokes
13% more resistant.
For the new E-Mtb Fulcrum range, only oversize spokes, with a specific reinforcement design on the heads, will be used: this makes it possible to have the best quality of response to stress both in terms of resistance and in terms of transfer of the propulsive power.
The technical refinement does not stop here. Changes were made to the profile too, which in some versions is variable.
An elaborate section, which varies from 2.2 mm of the head to 2/1.8mm in the thinnest point, makes it possible to save the very important grams without affecting performance.

Reinforced freehub system
4X more reliable.
Attention to detail was also paid to the freewheel body system, which is the point of junction and transfer of the driving force from the cogset to the wheel body.
The drastic increase of power and jerks, due to the intervention of the motor, made it necessary to use a freewheel body with tempered steel dedicated gears, which are able to withstand a breaking tension by 30% greater.
The laboratory analysis observed the behaviour of the individual ratchets on cycles greater than one billion of uses: the carburised steel ensures an estimated lifetime that is 4 times longer compared to the Ergal model used for the non-E-Mtb models.