Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel

Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel
Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel
Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel
Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel
Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel
Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel
Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel

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Good-looking, refined, detail-attentive construction

How many times have you imagined a set of wheels suitable for everything and capable of insuring maximum performance in both winter and summer? The new Racing 3 DB wheels will be faithful companions able to help you reach your goals, guaranteeing agility and performance on the climbs and at the same time guaranteeing excellent stability on the descents.

It is condensed with technology, developed to define new standards of satisfaction, fulcrum's R&D department has focused on the essence, choosing the most innovative and reliable technical solutions available on the market for each and every component. Thanks to the 19mm channel, Cono & Calotta bearings and steel spokes capable of absorbing vibrations 25% more than their bigger sister Racing Zero, Racing 3 DB wheels offer incredible smoothness and exceptional comfort. Thanks to their unparalleled versatility, the Racing 3 DB wheels will be the classy upgrade for those who enjoy their rides in 360°.


2-Way Fit
Tubeless technology was first used by the auto industry , then by motorcycles and now has reached the cycling industry. After its debut with mountain bikes the moment has come to "put it on the road", and that's what we propose to do. We have developed our 2-Way Fit™ technology to ensure the perfect compatibility of our tubeless rims with normal clincher types and tubes. 2-Way Fit™ wheels are perfectly multipurpose for tackling every situation.
Thanks to a special impression in the valve area, the tubes are fitted with the maximum precision while keeping the tube perfectly stable inside the tyre. Housing the valve for tubeless tyres is also risk-free, with the unquestionable advantage that there are never any air infiltrations caused by non-ideal positioning when fitting. The advantages are indisputable: our tests have highlighted an unique increase in smoothness. Because there is no tube, the friction caused by rubbing against the tyre is eliminated, while the perfect adherence of the tyre to the rim prevents the dispersion of energy.
Tubeless tyres do not suffer from sudden deflation when punctured which is a great advantage in safety terms. There is also no risk of snake bites as there is no tube to rupture.

RDB™ (Rim Dynamic Balance)
The concept is simple and elegant: balance the weight of the gasket, with an item of similar weight placed on the exact opposite side. For top models, this is obtained by a special operation on the section of the rim opposite the rim joint.
For entry-level models, Dynamic Balance™ is obtained by using two oversized spokes in the section opposite the joint. The result is a wheel with perfectly balanced rotational dynamics.

2:1 Two-to-One Spoke Ratio™
When you push on the pedals, the rotational force on the sprocket induces a slackening of the freewheel spokes with a consequent loss of rim tension. This results in undesirable flex of the whole wheel and an unavoidable loss of energy. Fulcrum® has solved this classic cycling problem with its 2:1 Two-to-One™ Spoke Ratio patent, by doubling the spokes in the critical zones.

What is MoMag™?
A magnet and lots of ingenuity. This was what led to the patent for the well-tested “Mounting Magnet” system, or MoMag™. How does it work? The nipples, once inserted inside the rim via the valve hole, are “guided” to the point of connection with the spoke by means of the magnet. This simple but ingenious system makes it possible to have a wheel without holes on the upper bridge, but with spokes tensioned by traditional nipples!Advantages: No holes on the rim means that the rim is uniform at every point, free from stress points or zones of weakness and, for the clincher profiles no rim tape is required, to the benefit of weight reduction. The advantages are immediately clear: greater rim lifetime, greater resistance to fatigue, the possibility to give the spokes greater tension, and greater stiffness which, in terms of performance, mean greater reactivity and acceleration.
But that’s not all. The advantages also include extremely quick and simple maintenance and spoke replacement. All to the benefit of cyclists who choose Fulcrum®.

Anti-rotation system™
This new system raises the concept of spoking to new heights of performance.
The Fulcrum® engineers have redesigned the spokes and the hub housings to create a solid and unmoveable whole. The result is that the spokes
a) will never lose their initial tension, thus keeping the wheel perfectly reactive and centred, and
b) will remain in the position that was found in wind tunnel tests to ensure the best aerodynamic penetration possible.

AFS Axle System™
The Axial Fixing System™ is the solution developed by Fulcrum® to fix the disc brake to the hub. The constraint granted by the butt area of the release mechanism, greater than in familiar standard ones, makes it possible to obtain greater structural rigidity and therefore more precise and powerful braking..

Wide Rim Tech
Fulcrum®’s R&D department, following requests from the competition circuit, has worked to create rims that are wider than before, about 4 mm or more than previously. This technical choice provides an ideal basis for 25/28 mm tyres, the sizes currently popular. This ensures stability, excellent handling and superior comfort.

Cup & Cone
The cup-and-cone bearing differs from the classic cartridge bearing because it works in perfect alignment with the forces involved, weight and thrust from the frame, as the bearings run in a race positioned directly opposing these forces.

High strength aluminium
The best aluminium wheels require carefully chosen materials. For "High strength Aluminum", Fulcrum® R&D uses only the best aluminium alloy 6082, with artificial ageing T6 temper that stabilises the alloy and gives it maximum life and reliability.
Aluminium 6082 has the highest strength of the 6000 series and has replaced 6061 in many applications. It is generally used for high-stress applications.

Plasma Freehub
The Plasma treatment makes the aluminium especially hard and resistant to surface abrasion and wear. This has allowed thickness of materials to be reduced to a minimum, achieving advantages of lighter weight, while maintaining lifespan and reliability.

Oversize Flange
The Oversize Flange was developed from the need to create a system to transmit every watt to the ground without dispersion, stiffening the wheel system where necessary, without having to add spokes or superstructures that increase weight.
The oversize flange uses physics to solve the problem. It increases dishing and enables spokes to be shortened. Doubling the spokes creates a balanced system that is excellent at transmitting torque.

Monoblock hub for disc
The rear hub of a top-quality disc brake wheel is a technical problem to be solved. Fulcrum®’s R&D department found itself facing a fundamental choice: on which side to put the oversize flange of the Two-to-one™ system? Disc or sprocket side? Without question - must stay on the sprocket side.
To combat the loss of braking power from flex and torque of the connector between the two sides of the hub, a special one-piece system has been devised with internal stiffening ribs.

F.I.C. Fulcrum Identification Card - 100% Handmade quality
Right from its inception Fulcrum® has been marked by feature that continues to this day: that is to design, prototype and industrialise all the wheels characterised by the red “F”.
Indeed these take shape inside of the R&D, the leading-edge department that represents the beating heart of the Italian company.
Every single component of the wheel, the materials chosen and the technologies applied are the tangible result of the effort that Fulcrum® makes every day to give you maximum performance and reliability.

A guarantee of quality
The keyword for our products is: traceable.
If you find a little label attached to any Fulcrum® product, do not remove it. It will provide you a guarantee in case of an ascertained defectiveness of a production batch, and so the component needed or wheel will be traceable.
All this because, devoted to its mission, Fulcrum® demands the absolute perfection and safety for its customers.


  • DRP kit to increase bearing sealing.
  • HH12,HH15 front axle adapters.
  • HH12/142 rear axle adapters.
  • User's Guide.

Not included

  • Wheel bags.
  • Quick releases.
  • UST Valves.
  • HH12/135 rear axle adapters and quick release adapters.

Fulcrum Racing 3 DB C19 2 Way Fit AFS rear wheel

Product code RC3-19DRAS
Rear wheel spokes 21
Rim width 19c
Hub material Aluminium
Rim material Aluminium
Rim profile 28 mm
Flange Oversize
Rear wheel real weight 919 g

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