Fulcrum RS-011 freehub body bearing

Fulcrum code RS-011

Compatible with oversize 17 mm spindle (all Fulcrum and Campagnolo 2014).

Compatible with:

  • Racing Zero, Racing 1, Racing 3 Shamal Ultra, Eurus, Zonda, Bullett Ultra, Red Wind XLR
  • Hyperon, Hyperon One, Racing Light, Bora Ultra, Bora One, Racing Speed, Racing Speed XLR, Racing 4, Scirocco H35
  • Racing 5, Racing 7, Khamsin, Vento (from 2014)

Not compatible with:

  • Racing 5, Racing 7, Khamsin, Vento, Scirocco (before 2013)
  • Red Wind

For the compatibility of the product, please refer to spare parts catalogues by checking the manufacturer product code. The wheel model is not sufficient pieces of information to guarantee the correct compatibility due to the large amount of similar but not compatible products.

Price refers to one bearing.