Met Trenta 3K Carbon helmet

The Met Trenta was created to celebrate this milestone year for Met!

For thirty years Met has been making helmets for the very best in the sport of cycling. They’ve learned, refined and developed their products, getting faster, lighter and more comfortable with every generation.

Now, there’s a new member of the family, a new standard in helmet design, a new competitive edge for the world’s elite. Enhanced for use in the peloton, the Met Trenta’s tube-shaped tail and internal channeling ensure it performs best when riding in a group, offering up to 7% reduction in drag vs a traditional road helmet.
The Met Trenta was created for the very best in the sport, to give them a competitive edge at the highest level.  And where better to launch an elite product then the Tour de France, the absolute peak of professional cycling?


  • 3K Carbon cage embedded into liner.
  • Aero optimized.
  • Fit system: Safe-T Orbital.
  • Padding: hand washable Air Mesh comfort pads.
  • Straps and divider: air lite straps and adjustable divider.
  • Reflective rear stickers.
  • Compatibility: Met USB LED light; DualGel Front Pad.
  • Certification: CE.


3K Carbon system
The construction of the Met Trenta performs better than any other helmet on the market!
The Met's R&D team discovered that the carbon’s elastic modulus allows us to reduce the density of the EPS foam by 20%, without affecting its capacity to absorb energy. The parallel ‘ribs’ are linked from the centre of the helmet by a carbon cage embedded into the liner, making it dramatically lighter compared to a traditional construction. The result is a lightweight, yet better-performing shell that sets a new standard in terms of ventilated helmet manufacture.

Fit system Safe-T Orbital
All-round belt offers 360 adjustment, three positions for vertical adjustment and two positions for occipital adjustment. Ponytail compatible.

Air Mesh
Air Mesh stands for breathability, functionality and comfort. It is a three-dimensional, warp-knitted and highly resisting fabric.

Helmet bag included.

Real weight 218 g Construction In-mold with eps liner Vents 19 Real weight 270 g Construction In-mold with eps liner Vents 19