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Pirelli Scorpion XC S Lite 29" tyre

Pirelli Scorpion XC S Lite 29" tyre Pirelli Scorpion XC S Lite 29" tyre
Pirelli Scorpion XC S Lite 29" tyre
Pirelli Scorpion XC S Lite 29" tyre

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Well, meet Pirelli in the new off-road look! Scorpion MTB: first specific mountain bikes tyre line

The distinctive concept of the new Pirelli product line is a range of models designed for the variety of terrains, based on their consistency, from compact to soft. Easily understandable, developed for each specific need, the new Scorpion MTB line will definitely surprise you. It offers the most suitable rubber for every type of riding, considering terrain, style, wheel characteristics. The result is a tyre line that guarantees maximum performance in each size and version, regardless of the weather conditions.

Each size is produced separately
The great experience acquired by Pirelli in the Motocross field has been invested, in the new MTB tyre development: tread patterns, knob shape and height, distance, cross-link and angles. All this has been studied for maximum efficiency on the specific surfaces you're riding on. While designing new tyres, the Pirelli's engineers also had to consider many other variables: from the rider's riding style to the most recent developments in terms of profiles and rim sizes. This is why the construction technology of the new Scorpion MTB is different for each tyre size. The combination and interaction of different compounds, reinforcements, static and dynamic rubber properties, measurements and patterns for the various terrains: all this was quite a difficult technical challenge for Pirelli but nothing can change their professional approach! They develop all their products with the specific customer needs in mind. The new Scorpion MTB range allows the rider to freely choose tyre size that best suits their riding style, without fear of compromising on performance.


  • Scorpion S (Soft terrain-blue) tall profile and widely spaced tread to cut into and grip any kind of loose and soft terrain, whether for dry or wet.
  • "Lite" is the version of the "S" with an even lower rolling resistance and weight.
  • Grip: SmartGrip Compound for uncompromising grip on dry and wet surfaces.
  • Handling: designed for an optimal shape on modern wide profile rims.
  • Damping: A supple 120 Tpi and TLR casing for added stability and grip at a modern lower pressure riding style.
  • Protection: Anti-tear tread compound plus 120 Tpi sidewall reinforcements for added puncture and cut resistance.


SmartGrip Compound: excellent grip in any condition
The heart of Pirelli's MTB tyre technology is the innovative SmartGrip compound. Thanks to this specific compound, the "weather" variable does not affect the performance of the new tyres, that have been designed to offer grip and unparalleled handling in all weather conditions. Just like a SmartNettm Silica solved the compromise between rolling resistance and wet grip of the PZero Velo road tyre, a new SmartGrip compound closes the "Gap" between tear resistance and grip on wet surfaces of the Scorpion MTB line.

Product code 3704000
Type Foldable
Etrto 55-622
Tpi 120
Pressure 2.0 - 4.0 bar (29 - 58 psi)
Real weight 646 g

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