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A new era for Aero road helmets 2.0

Boost Pro is the result of avant-garde constant research which celebrates a new era in the Aero-road helmets' world. Rudy Project engineers collected the feedback of professional athletes of road cycling and triathlon as well as the test results of the hours spent in the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel, under the legendary aerodynamics guru John Cobb's expert eye.

Innovative design: extremely safe, extraordinarily aerodynamic, this new design was created and developed down to the smallest details. Here are some of the features of the brand-new and already legendary Rudy Project Chrono Aero helmet, the Boost Pro.


Center Pressure Balance
Competing with less pressure.
One of the helmet’s main new features is its improved weight balance. The tail was shortened and material added to the front (Dorsal Ridge) to move the centre of pressure forward. This limits annoying swivelling caused by side winds.

Custom Fit
Rudy Projects’s products’ legendary fit is the fruit of scientific studies of the human head, design innovation and advances in materials and manufacturing techniques. Our groundbreaking systems are constantly updated and upgraded to guarantee exceptional adjustability and stability.

Customizable Air Management
Air conditioning with a click
The human body uses energy to cool itself. Rudy Project uses aerodynamic science. The Boost Pro™ time trial helmet has a set of two modular, removable covers, one closed, one mesh. Either can be inserted into the front vent opening to regulate airflow, adjust the helmet’s aerodynamic effectiveness according to environmental conditions and maintain the body’s efficiency.

Directional Flow
The shape of Boost Pro provides all the benefits of NACA (National Advisory Committee For Aeronautics) wing shapes and avoids wasting the energy that is naturally lost in rending the air.

Dorsal Ridge
Inspired by sharks, the crown of the Boost Pro™ time trial helmet converts sideways forces into forward propulsion. In the event of cross winds it delivers all the advantages of a long-tailed helmet without the relative negative repercussions on the front.

In Mold
The combined action of the EPS structure, the polycarbonate shell and exoskeleton creates resistance to the mechanical action exercised by an impact and dissipates the energy in order to prevent it from being transferred to the head of the rider wearing the helmet.


S/M: 54-58 cm
L: 59-61 cm

Helmet bag and two grids included.
Visors not included.