Scott Vivo Plus Mips helmet

The Scott Vivo Plus Helmet is the go to helmet for safety and style conscious trail riders. With the added safety of an integrated MIPS Brain Protection System, extended coverage and optimized geometry, and the top MRAS fit system, you can feel safe and secure no matter where you ride.


  • MIPS® Brain Protection System.
  • Optimized ventilation.
  • Extended coverage.
  • Removable visor.
  • Fit system: MRAS.


MIPS Brain Protection
MIPS is a low friction layer inside the helmet which allows the head to rotate relative to the helmet in an angled impact. This substantially reduces rotational violence and the potential for damage to the brain. Collaborating with some of the world's leading neurosurgeons and experts, MIPS® has established that when you fall, your head most often hits the ground at an angle, creating a rotational shock to the brain. This rotational shock can cause strain in your brain. A helmet with MIPS® absorbs much of that rotational energy, offering you better protection. And if, against all the odds, you do fall vertically onto your head, a Scott helmet with MIPS® will protect you just as well as an ordinary helmet.

MRAS fit system
The MRAS Fit System offers full adjustability to ensure a customized and comfortable fit for your head shape. Adjust the height of the rear ergonomic cradle and dial in the perfect pressure using the micro adjustment dial. MRAS ensures your helmet fits securly and comfortably, leaving you to focus on the road or trail ahead.

Optimized venting
Strategically placed outer vents connects to extensive inner cooling channels.

PC In-Mould construction
During the in-mould manufacturing process, the outer shell of polycarbonate material is fused with the helmet’s impact absorbent foam liner, creating a super lightweight outer shell.With reduced weight and bulk surrounding the head, in-mould helmets are more comfortable than traditional helmets.

Extended coverage
Medical research helped us to highlight key areas of vulnerability on the head. This helmet is designed with extensive lower coverage to protect these key areas.


  • CE/EN 1078

Helmet bag included.

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