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Selle SMP Dynamic Carbon Rail saddle

Brand: Selle Smp

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Selle SMP Dynamic Carbon Rail saddle Selle SMP Dynamic Carbon Rail saddle
Selle SMP Dynamic Carbon Rail saddle
Selle SMP Dynamic Carbon Rail saddle

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Made to perform

Surveys conducted by various universities in the United States, in Norway and in Austria have shown that the squashing of pelvic organs and pudenda arteries may have serious consequences on the genital apparatus of athletes and amateurs. The Patent SMP arises from the study of the different p ositions assumed by the racer in the various phases of the course and by the consequent interaction between the saddle, pe lvic organs and genitals – male and female – with an aim to preventing their getting squashed and rubbed, and at the same time increase the blood flow to the leg muscles. The central channel of the saddle, 3 to 5 cm wide, prevents the anus, the prostate, the pudenda veins the deep dorsal vein and artery of the penis, scrotum and testicles, and the labia majora and minora, and clitoris, not to be squashed at all, allowing a continuous and completely natural blood.

The Dynamic model is the ideal seat for intensive training or free time cycling. It uses the structure of the Forma model joined with minimal padding. It is covered in real leather in the black versions and Lorica microfiber in the colored versions. It has excellent “all-around” features and is particularly suited for the medium-wide pelvis. The Dynamic model has foamed elastomer padding where the ischial tuberosities and rear rest. The patented features by Selle SMP, such as the completely free central channel, the original eagle-beak nose and the raised rear give these models an interesting aerodynamic touch.

In virtue of its very small padding it is particularly suited for thin people with medium-wide pelvises.


  • Cover: "Primo fiore" genuine leather carefully selected: soft, pleasing hand to the touch, compact and durable surface. (Black version).
  • Padding: foamed elastomer.
  • Body: Nylon 12 loaded with carbon fiber: to overcome the most stringent resistance and stability tests over time, while providing the necessary lightness.
  • Fixing plates: Nylon 12 loaded with carbon fiber: higher standards of security and robustness.
  • Rail: Unidirectional carbon fiber 7.1 x 9.6 mm.
  • Recommended for: Road and Mountain Bikes, Triathlon.
  • Recommended for sizes: M-L-XL.


Real weight 239 g
Rails (dimensions) 7x9.6 mm
Rails (material) UD carbon
Padding Foamed elastomer
Cover Leather
Shell Nylon 12 filled with carbon fiber
Size 274x138 mm

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Reviews Rating 5 5
Quality/Price Comparison 5 5

It works for me!

As a 12 to 15,000Km per year rider, I’ve tried a lot of saddles in the search for “the one”. For me the SMP Dynamic stands out a mile from the rest. My first Dynamic was a chrome-railed black leather one which I rode for well over 30,000 Km before noticing that one of the rails had deformed making the saddle uncomfortable. Since then, I’ve invested in two carbon-railed Dynamics, a white synthetic covered version and a black leather one. Quality of construction and attention to detail is flawless, but for me the comfort and durability are the big attractions. I no longer even consider any alternatives.

Aug 26, 2018

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