The mountain calls!

The BC 14:16 STS is the perfect companion for all who aim high. The enhanced Altimeter functions include the graphic height profile and the display of the ascent percentages. With NFC technology it can communicate with the Android phone and computer with Sigma Link app previously installed.


Over 14 functions
Functions are shown on the large dot matrix display of BC 14.16 STS clearly and partly graphed. In addition to the classic bike functions BC 14.16 STS has six height functions and in the STS CAD variant two cadence functions.

Predefined tire sizes
The wheel size setting is easily done on the tire size, it can be adjusted from 16 to 29 inches using predefined tire size, or entered manually, too.

The BC 14.16 STS shows in addition to the classic Altimeter functions also the height profile and the ascent percentages.

NFC and Sigma Link
The BC 14.16 STS has a built-NFC chip. About NFC (Near Field Communication), the data of a tour can be read directly on the smartphone. For this purpose, the user loads Sigma Link app on the smartphone. You can load your training data in the Sigma Data Center or other training platforms (eg Strava, Training Peaks) via the app.

Temperature Display
This Sigma features a temperature indicator. You will thus informed at all times about the current temperature in your area.

Wheel Sizes
If you have two wheels in use, two wheel sizes can be set and recognized automatically. For this purpose, only the speed transmitter has switched on a second bike and the right circumference for "Wheel 2" at 14.16 BC STS be set.

Reminder to the bicycle inspection
Thanks to the service interval you can set an inspection of your bike to a freely selectable mileage.

Running time up to 100 hours
You can save the whole holidat trip with 100 hours of saving time data.

Training statistics for 12 months
The BC 14.16 STS in addition to the total values ??also displays statistics for the last twelve months. This "training diary" shows your monthly activities.

Integrated memory chip
Thanks to an integrated memory chips in the computer head all total values and settings are stored permanently in the device.

Battery Warning Computer / Transmitter
All devices from the BC 14.16 are equipped with a battery status indicator. Energy levels of the battery of the computer head and STS-transmitters are checked at regular intervals. When battery level is low, you'll see a warning message on the display.

Comparison speed
While driving a permanent comparison between your current and your average speed is shown. This is represented by an arrowhead pointing upwards or downwards. If the speed is approximately the same, nothing is shown.

Big display, small device
The design is vertically oriented and fits perfectly with modern handlebar and stems. New shape improves display visibility with 3 lines text.

Animated menus
Small graphics help you to better understand the BC menu. A scroll bar indicates where you are currently.

STS Wireless transmission data
The proven and reliable Sigma Transmission System (STS) is the digitally coded transmission system used by all channels of data speed transmitter, cadence transmitter and pulse transmitter for high quality base units and top models. The stations collect their sensor data and send it as a digital data packet to the integrated receiver in the computer. In addition, the transmitter periodically sends test data stored as data synchronization. The digital encoding of Sigma Transmission System excludes a falsification of the sender data due to external interference such as power sources or other transmitters. Interference with Sigma products, including LED lighting, can be excluded.

New STS transmitter
The STS-speed and cadence transmitter is now pivotally and can be set parallel to the magnet. The battery compartment of the STS-speed transmitter is located on the outside, making it possible to the battery while mounted switch easily. The cadence transmitter can show you the current and the average cadence values.

Cadence Magnet
The new cadence magnet can be attached to the inner pedal. He is very thin, the risk of friction is avoided with the transmitter even in tight spaces. In order to function well at larger distances from the sensor or non magnetic pedal axles two plastic clip holders for the magnet are also included.

To light, easily. Enable Light Mode and the display will be illuminated.

Easy to mount
STS wireless sensor with its sleek design can be simple mounted on the fork with included o-Rings and cable ties.

BC 14.16 is waterproof according to IPX8 international standard. This means protection against permanent immersion. Well, no problem for your next rainy ride!


  • Current speed.
  • Average speed.
  • Maximum speed.
  • Riding time.
  • Hours.
  • Current altitude.
  • Current inclination.
  • Height profile.
  • Overall altitude gain.
  • Maximum height.
  • Backlight.
  • Total distance bike1 + bike2.
  • Temperature.
  • Total distance.
  • Trip distance.
  • Total distance.
  • Current cadence.
  • Average cadence.


  • Wireless cyclecomputer with STS speed transmitter.
  • STS cadence transmitter.
  • Power Magnet.
  • Support.
  • Instructions.

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