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Most insulation on the elbow, even when it is bent.
Accordion system with Expansionribs.
Structures on the shoulders ergonomically adapted.
Evaporation surface maggiortata of 50% for the 3D-BionicSphere.
Air conduction system suitable for various heating zones.

Maximize physical performance.
The X-Impact © improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and minimizes muscle vibrations.

 Minimizes the energy consumption.
The complex interaction between the various technologies on the chest promotes optimal thermoregulation of the body, causing him to save precious energy.

 Stabilizes the body temperature.
With a temperature of 37 ° C the body is at the maximum of their efficiency. BIONIC Energizer MK 2 leverages the most 'modern technology to keep your body temperature at an optimum level.

 37 ° CCR Technology
The body reacts to sudden changes in tempertatura with a high energy consumption, which always goes to the detriment of performance. The stagnation of heat and heatstroke on one side and the other are the extreme thermal shock from which the body must defend. The 37 ° CCR-Technology, developed by X-Technology, helps the body to regulate its temperature and provides "the energy saved" for the sport. With a body temperature of 37 ° C it feels good and you are able to make the most. When you are cold, your body tries to maintain this temperatur indeale with vasocostruzione and chills. The opposite of what happens when you do sports: physical activity and stress exert a vasodilator effect and the body reacts by sweating.
 In both conditions, the body is deprived of part of its energy needs.


Evaporation surface meggiorata 50% - 3D SystemBionicSphere
Thanks to increased holdall and anatomical conformation, the 3D-BionicSphere is even more 'efficient. At the same time, is able to handle a larger amount of sweat and, in the resting phase, stores approximately 8cm3 air in more 'for the isolation.

New detail-ShoulderPads
Each single cell of the new structure honeycomb dell'ShoulderPad incamera hot air to ensure the insulation. Thus one isolates the shoulder joint without compromising the freedom of movement.

The ExpansionRibs protect and isolate in a refined thanks to a unique system.

The SweatTraps large placed under the arm, which prevent the sweat to flow and cool in an effective manner.

Improved air circulation-AirGuides 1mm thick
The AirConditioning Channel were inserted into AirGuides, so that these can operate effectively even under a second layer. The evaporation rate is increased exponentially.

Two-Step Front 3D-BionicSphere System
The technology of high-tech fabric offers excellent support and climatization three-dimensional structures of the surface ensure support and deliver moisture and heat outside.

Skinnodor: is a nanofilamento to climate active that containsa
bacteriostatic agent inorganic. Only when the ions are released slowly, activated by body heat, the fiber skinnodor high growth begins to take effect. These ions inhibit the production of micro-organisms. Diconseguenza skinnodor is an antibacterial - growth inhibitor. It is a bactericide (does not kill bacteria, are therefore excluded allergic reactions). The ions contained in the yarn are continuously released and are available in a quantity which exceeds by far the duration of the yarn © traditional. The contribution of ions is not limited to normal wear or washing. Skinnodor is exceptionally soft and also "breathes", providing the best fit.

40cm ² surface area to absorb the sweat
As in correspondence of the chest can produce much sweat, all around the system 3D-BionicSphere have been applied in a targeted manner the SweatTraps, so as to accelerate the moisture absorption.

AirConditioning Channel
The AirConditioning Channel, improved according to the most modern medical knowledge surrounding the 3D-BionicSphere. So also in the resting phase, in which the maximum isolation is required, it ensures expulsion more 'Rapid humidity.

Better insulation - Size: 72 cm ²
AirComplexZone in the upper abdomen
In the solar plexus, just below the twelfth thoracic vertebra, meet © the nerve tracts username organs, which pass information that affect the well-being of the organism. Energizer MK2 protects this area very considerably with appropriate channels. The hot air incorporated into the internal laoro island perfectly cold. In case of physical effort, the structure manages excess sweat, offering a pleasant sensation of coolness on the abdomen.

Energizer The best of all the temple Bionic Energizer MK2

For the ultimate performance in any situation

The initials MK is a technological innovation made ​​on a product. What already existed is improved . What was good is further refined based on the latest scientific studies . Always with a single objective : to ensure maximum performance for athletes in any situation
Result: The Bionic Energizer best of all time . A product of proven technology , which favors the thermoregulation of the organism. Cools when you sweat . It heats up when you have freddp . Stabilizing the body temperature , avoid stress to the sport and increases productivity.


The ExpansionsRibs , which form the three-dimensional machining by the elbow , function as the knee, but are more subtle. The folding accordion mesh makes sure that the cold of winter does not cool the elbow . Even if they are folded , the insulating effect remains , thanks to the hot air stored inside them. The flexibility of ExpansionRibs and the elasticity of the yarn allow maximum freedom of movement . Thanks to the movement of ExpansionRibs do not show symptoms of fatigue , even for those who play sports that involve a constant movement of the arms.

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