After long efforts in a race or in training you need to recover properly, providing the body with the right nutrition to restore the energy and preventing muscles breakdown. Proteins play a fundamental role in the stimulation and preservation of muscle fibers and thus should be taken increase the cycling endurance activities. We don't always have time to sit comfortably at the table after a ride, and here protein bars or Protein shakes become "the secret weapon" to meet effectively the lack of a proper meal. The composition of protein bars and shakes are carefully designed to offer all the necessary nutrition to protect and stimulate muscle growth without unnecessarily burdening the body, while offering great flavours and beneficial effects for our body.







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fast shipping and great service

Dec 08, 2023

Great value

Got my tyres here at a great price and they where delivered one week later. Zero hassle and will definitely be back to buy more.

Dec 05, 2023

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You can always get it within a week

Nov 30, 2023