In store Pick up and technical assistance


It is possible to pick up orders (applicable only in Italy) and make payments at our warehouse during the following hours:

  • In the courier option when making your order please select "In store pick-up".
  • It is Necessary before proceeding to the pick up location, please wait for the confirmation email "order ready for pick up"
  • During the pick up it will not be possible to make any modifications to the order immediately
  • Goods must be picked up within 5 working days after receiving the confirmation email "Order is ready for pick up".


We have a specialized workshop with expert mechanics that can give you technical support for the items bought. Courses that give updates, race field, product testing and solutions to numerous problems presented by our customers, this helps contribute to a daily growth of experience which for other customers will further help in offering them a quick and precise service.

For workshop services it is necessary to firstly contact us to make an appointment.


Service Price €
Inner tube or clincher tyre replacement8
Tubeless installation12
Tubeless sealant renovation 20
Tubeless conversion15
Supplementation on tubeless installation for fat/plus 5
Tubular tyre replacement20
Wheel truing and alignment10
Spoke tensioning with tool10
Spoke replacement and wheel alignment with truing stand 15
Complete wheel build 35
Supplementation to replace special spokes 10
Hub or rim replacement45
Wheel replacement15
Hub regolation5
Hub service25
Complete wheel service45


Service Price €
Rim brake alignment 5
Disc brake alignment10
Brake pad replacement 15
Road lever replacement25
Hydraulic brake lever replacement20
Hydraulic brake calliper replacement20
Supplementation to bleed post-lever/calliper replacement 10
Disc replacement10
Brake bleeding13
Complete brake service45


Service Price €
Gear tuning 10
Electronic groupset software update10
Pedal replacement5
Chain replacement10
Replace dropout or alignment15
Cassette replacement10
Front/Rear Derailleur or pulley replacement20
Independent shifter replacement15
Integrated gear shifter replacement25
Crankset or Chainring replacement15
Bottom bracket service or replacement20
Freehub service or replacement 15
Supplementation to replace freehub pawls10
Complete drivetrain service45


Service Price €
Inner/outer cable replacement10
Electronic cable or hydraulic hose replacement15
Complete inner and outer cable replacement 20
Supplementation for Inner/outer cable replacement under handlebar tape 5
Supplementation for internal routing 3


Service Price €
Bike build / frame replacement200
Threading, boring Bottom bracket or headset 20
Threading or boring small threads10
Replace fork or cut fork stearer tube20
Service or replace rear swing arm 60
Service or replace rear shock20
Service or replace headset20
Handlebar replacement20
Handlebar tape replacement10
Sostituzione attacco manubrio10
Headset installation 5
Complete heaset service45
Cutting integrated and non integrated seatposts 15
Saddle replacement10
Seatpost replacement10
Service or replace telescopic seatpost15


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Impressive service

Ordered a new set of road tyres and a track pump at the best possible price and delivery was with a few days. Most impressed

Jun 10, 2024

Great service

Great service, as always!

May 26, 2024

Excellent service

Exactly what I needed it very quick time Thank you

May 05, 2024