Fulcrum E-Racing 4 DB C22 2 Way-Fit AFS wheelset LordGun online bike store

Aware of the constant growth of pedal-assisted bicycles, Fulcrum has developed the first all-rounder wheel dedicated to this market segment. Fulcrum has a proven tradition in the E-MTB world and Fulcrum has mixed this technical expertise with the evolved demands of modern bicycles and the new way of practicing cycling.

Fulcrum started from the development of a dedicated rim profile with a 22 mm internal channel (therefore suitable for tires from 30 to 45 mm), special self-locking long head nipples and dedicated spokes. As noted in the development of the E-MTB wheels, the motor increases the load on the free wheel system which must therefore resist greater torsional loads for longer periods of time: Fulcrum has focused its attention precisely on this detail.
Since the freewheel body system is the point of junction and transfer of the driving force from the sprocket cassette to the wheel body, it is subject to greater stress due to the increase in power and the tears caused by the intervention of the motor; for this reason it was necessary to use a freewheel body in tempered steel with dedicated gears, capable of withstanding a breaking tension 30% higher. Laboratory analyses on the behaviour of the single pawls on cycles exceeding one billion uses give clear results: the case-hardened steel promises an estimated duration of 2 times longer than the Ergal model used for traditional road models.


  • Rims material: Aluminum.
  • Version: AFS.
  • Discipline: E-Road / E-Gravel.
  • ASTM category: 2
  • Rim width: 22 mm (internal), 27.1 mm (external).
  • Tyre width: from 30 mm to 45 mm.
  • Tyre type: 2Way-Fit (clincher + tubeless).
  • Rim height: 34 mm.
  • Hubs: Aluminium with Aluminium flange.
  • Sealed cartridge bearings.
  • Spokes number (rear): 24 (8 left - 16 right).
  • Spokes number (front): 24 (16 left - 8 right).
  • Spokes material: Stainless steel, double thickness.
  • Spokes profile: Rounded, straight head.
  • Rear axle compatibility: 12x142.
  • Front axle compatibility: 12x100.
  • Weight limit 135 kg (rider system, bike, equipment and luggage).


RDB™ Rim Dynamic Balance
The concept is simple and elegant: balance the weight of the gasket, with an item of similar weight placed on the exact opposite side.

For carbon bike wheels the principle is the same, but applied using a different technology. When making carbon bike rims, the pieces of carbon fabric are aligned in such a manner that the resulting rim is always balanced.

AFS axle system™
The Axial Fixing System™ is the solution developed by Fulcrum® to fix the disc brake to the hub. The constraint granted by the butt area of the release mechanism, greater than in familiar standard ones, makes it possible to obtain greater structural rigidity and therefore more precise and powerful braking.

Wide Rim Tech
Fulcrum®’s R&D department, following requests from the competition circuit, has worked to create rims that are wider than before, about 4 mm or more than previously. This technical choice provides an ideal basis for 25/28mm tyres, the sizes currently popular.
This ensures stability, excellent handling and superior comfort.

2-Way Fit Ready
The evolution of tubeless in a rim for racing or mountain bikes.
Fulcrum rim profile ensures perfect compatibility with tubeless-ready tires after quick easy transformation.
They have combined the advantages of tires without inner tubes, lower rolling resistance and better ground grip on bends—in other words, improved steering, true response and increased comfort.
The transformation calls for tape and tubeless valves, and a sealant must be used.