Northwave Veloce Extreme shoes 2024

Every fragment of a second counts, as much strength as the passion you put into every single pedal stroke counts.

Veloce is a project that was born and completely developed in Italy, from the first drafts to the production line, in collaboration with Olympic champion and Hour Record holder Filippo Ganna, who has something to teach us about speed. In the wake of his latest success, Northwave has developed a pair of shoes designed to be Veloce, a concept that refers not only to pure speed but also to many other elements that combine to create great performance.

The sole, made of 100% unidirectional carbon with a stiffness index of 15, is developed to optimise the transfer of power to the pedals thanks to the exclusive high tail structure and the patented Powershape system. The new, lighter Anatomic Reticular Support (ARS 2.0) technology provides additional support ensuring the correct position of the rider's foot. The heel grip, with its oriented fibres, prevents the foot from slipping out of the shoe ensuring a secure fit.


  • The rear rubber studs are replaceable to extend the life of the shoes.
  • The upper features underlap construction for a snug fit with an even closure.
  • Laser cuts are designed to optimise ventilation and thermoregulation of the foot.
  • High Tail: External heel fit and internal heel support.
  • Powershape: Arch support.
  • Ventilation: Large air intakes promote air flow in and out.
  • Compatible with speedplay.
  • +9% stability.
  • -15% perceived RPE effort.
  • +4% maximum power output.
  • Reduced muscle effort.
  • Two double-density insoles are included to make the fit even more customised: 5 mm (slim fit) and 3 mm (regular fit).
  • Made in Italy.
  • Real weight: 307 g (EU 42).


Double SLW3
The double SLW3 developed by X-Dial is totally unique, offering a highly accurate bi-zone closure through micrometric adjustment of the fit. A compact and lightweight mechanism, its intuitiveness makes it smart, because with a simple gesture the fit is customised.

Anatomic Reticular Support 2.0
New, lighter Anatomic Reticular Support technology provides extra support that wraps around the foot for an exceptional fit. It ensures a correct position of the rider's foot to maximise pedal power in synergy with the PowerShape HT sole.

PowerShape HT sole
Made of 100% unidirectional carbon, this sole was developed to optimise the transfer of power to the pedals to minimise energy consumption and muscle effort. The secret lies in the exclusive structure to prolong the life of the shoe. The large air intakes favour an asymmetric design that adapts to the incoming and outgoing airflow.


  • Shoe bag.
  • Dual density insoles.