Schwalbe Big Betty TL-Easy Super Downhill Addix Ultra Soft 27.5"

Big Betty is back! Equipped with everything modern tire technology has to offer. A Downhill and Enduro Allrounder for dry to damp conditions. Big Betty works perfectly on the rear wheel when combined with much-loved Magic Mary.


  • Long supported braking edges for maximum braking traction.
  • Extremely stable shoulder blocks for outstanding cornering grip.
  • Open and aggressive tread for excellent grip and self-cleaning.


Tubeless Easy

The new standard for Schwalbe's Evo tires. A new sidewall mono-filament fabric brings three advantages over the previous SnakeSkin fabric: Even better cut resistance, increased protection and most importantly it allows an extremely easy Tubeless conversion. The use of liquid sealant is necessary, but otherwise installation is just as easy as with real Tubeless tires. Time consuming conversion requiring intensive shaking and frequent re-inflation is no longer needed with Tubeless Easy. It replaces both the previous Tubeless and Tubeless Ready versions.

Super Downhill

Super Downhill construction is the ADDIX compound for hardcore use in enduro and downhill. It has sensationally good damping uncompromising stability for DH racing at the limit. Confident on rough routes. Whether stone strewn scree, long jumps or deep drops - Super Downhill is designed for downhill athletes who demand maximum control, maximum stability and formidable puncture protection.

Addix Ultra Soft

Addix Ultra Soft is the ADDIX compound for hardcore use in enduro and downhill. It has sensationally good damping properties and also performs perfectly in cold weather.

Evolution Line

The Evo tires offer the unique combination of low weight, excellent performance and optimum puncture protection. These are ensured by the high tech materials such as the Triple Star Compound, the HD Speed Guard against punctures, or the all-round Double Defense protection with SnakeSkin side wall

Etrto 62-584 Type Foldable Version Tubeless ready Pressure 1.6 - 3.5 bar (23 - 50 psi) Measure 27.5x2.40 Compound Addix ultra soft Real weight 1261 g