Scott Sport Crus-R Boa shoes

Budget-friendly and built for all-day comfort, the SCOTT Crus-r BOA® shoe is the perfect entry-level shoe for any trail. It was made to be durable, but still light and flexible enough to keep you comfortable. The BOA® Fit System provides adjustable fit and the Sticki Rubber outsole guarantees superior footing and good traction off the bike.


  • Highly durable.
  • Stiffness index 6.
  • Sticki Rubber outsole.
  • BOA® Fit System.
  • Real weight: 405 g (Us 8.5).



With instant, single-handed fine tuning as precise as 1 mm, making it easy to adjust for added comfort or a more targeted performance without ever losing focus. Once dialed in, the Boa Fit System stays that way. At the mountain, on the course, or on the job, Boa gives you a secure fit, making it easy to get your gear on and off quickly no matter what conditions are.

Ergologic insole system

Foot zoning allows to consider the anatomical shape of the foot and ergonomically pre-shape the Scott insoles for a perfect fit to support the cyclist's foot. This provides a stable foundation for improved comfort and power transfer.

Sticki Rubber

Sticki rubber compound offers best traction for all conditions.

Sport Fit

Just as no two people are alike neither are their feet. The Scott team strive to create shoes that are a supportive stable platform for maximum performance and all day comfort. A shoe that can adapt to a wide range of feet and offer a glove like fit.