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Selle SMP Well saddle

Brand: Selle Smp

Average rating: 3.0 5

Reviews: 2

Selle SMP Well saddle Selle SMP Well saddle Selle SMP Well saddle
Selle SMP Well saddle
Selle SMP Well saddle
Selle SMP Well saddle

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Designed on your body

SMP Well saddle is Based on Pro range experience, it has technical features that make it the best and safest seat for newcomers to intense cycling, both road-racing and MTB.

Surveys conducted by various universities in the United States, in Norway and in Austria have shown that the squashing of pelvic organs and pudenda arteries may have serious consequences on the genital apparatus of athletes and amateurs. The Patent SMP arises from the study of the different p ositions assumed by the
racer in the various phases of the course and by the consequent interaction between the saddle, pe lvic organs and genitals – male and female – with an aim to preventing their getting squashed and rubbed, and at the same time increase the blood flow to the leg muscles. The central channel of the saddle, 3 to 5 cm wide, prevents the anus, the prostate, the pudenda veins the deep dorsal vein and artery of the penis, scrotum and testicles, and the labia majora and minora, and clitoris, not to be squashed at all, allowing a
continuous and completely natural blood. In the SMP saddle the cyclist’s sitting position is spread out between the buttocks and the lower part of the bone of the pelvis (the ischiatic tuberosities).

The front part, characterised by the original eagle’s beak shape avoids the genitals from being squashed and offers a good supporting base in the characteristic thrust pedalling.

In the lower part of the saddle there is a concavity that prevents the coccyx from touching the saddle, thus
avoiding the counterblow caused by uneven ground.

The line of union between the front and rear part follows the shape of the thigh muscles in order to always have the maximum circulation of blood for greater pedalling power and the reduction of bothersome tingling.


  • Cover: SMP Vacuum Tech. Innovative production process conceived in the laboraties that allows to apply cover without using adhesives or mechanical fasteners.
  • Padding: Soft polyurethane with high mechanical strength.
  • Body: Designed to overcome the most stringent resistance and stability tests over time.
  • Fixing plates: Exclusive structural element that allows to achieve higher standards of security and robustness.
  • Rail: Great resistance to stress and vibration absorption capacity.
  • Recommended for: Road racing, MTB, Commuter, Single Speed, Spinning, Home Trainer.
  • Recommended for sizes: M-L-XL.
Real weight 290 g
Rails (dimensions) 7 mm
Rails (material) Aisi 304 stainless steel
Shell Nylon 12 filled with carbon fiber
Padding Foamed elastomer
Size 278x143

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Reviews Rating 1 5
Quality/Price Comparison 3 5

Let down by very poor UK courier service

Product is great I already have this saddle on another bike - fits me perfectly. However, this is all let down by the very poor UK courier service - beware if you buy and live in UK. Courier tried to deliver to my address - I was out but had it recorded on security camera. They then drove 1 mile up road to a completely different street and delivered it there. Luckily the person at this address left me note through my door.

Aug 19, 2020
Reviews Rating 5 5
Quality/Price Comparison 5 5

Fast delivery

Good price Good quality Fast delivery 100% recommended

Sep 04, 2019

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