Specialized S-Works Ares Road 2021 shoes

One second makes all the difference

When the moment comes for an attack in the hills, a long solo move, or a full gas sprint for the line, every watt counts, which is why Specialized designed the S-Works Ares to be the most efficient and powerful performance shoe ever made. Specialized combined decades of Body Geometry development with obsessive innovation working with the world’s best athletes to completely reimagine the race shoe. An entirely new, patent-pending closure system, Dyneema®-reinforced toungless sock, and ultra-stiff FACT Powerline™ carbon outsole eliminate foot roll, reduce pressure on tendons, and transfer every ounce of power to the pedals for unprecedented performance and comfort. It’s 1% faster than any shoe Specialized had ever made, and at the finish line, that’s all that matters.

Searching for the ultimate balance between unprecedented power transfer and all-day comfort resulted in an entirely new, patent-pending closure architecture. By triangulating retention across the midfoot and spreading pressure out over a larger surface area, the S-Works Ares essentially eliminates foot roll within the shoe. Lock in and power up for more speed.

Body Geometry shoes win more World Tour races than any other shoe on the planet. A key technology that helps create this performance is our Varus Wedge, a patented 1.5mm outward tilt to the outsole that stabilizes the forefoot and helps align the ankle, the knee, and hip to deliver more power, fewer injuries, and more comfort. The result? At 200 watts over a 10km effort you’ll be 14 seconds faster. In a sport where every second matters, that’s a whole lot of seconds to get ahead.

Combining the new closure system with a Dyneema®-reinforced tongueless sock, the S-Works Ares reduces pressure on tendons for supreme comfort, so when the moment comes—an attack in the hills, a long solo move, or a full gas sprint for the line—you'll simply be 1% faster, because explosive speed should only be uncomfortable for the rest of the pack.

Peak power ride studies validated the S-Works Ares increased power delivery and our pressure mapping studies verify a 20% increase in contact surface compared to traditional closure systems. All of this adds up to a shoe 1% faster than anything we’ve ever made, validated by science. Over a 300meter sprint, that’s the difference between a photo finish and winning by a bike length.

The S-Works Ares features the World Championship-winning FACT Powerline™ carbon outsole with a stiffness index of 15.0. What happens when you combine the lightest and stiffest outsole in the world with the new S-Works Ares patent-pending closure system? Every ounce of energy becomes pure acceleration.

For almost 50 years, Specialized has been solving problems for the best riders in the world. To crack the S-Works Ares code of locking in support without sacrificing comfort, Specialized's footwear team worked in close collaboration with one of the fastest in the peloton—Tour de France green jersey winner Sam Bennett.


  • The key to more comfort, less injuries, and higher power output comes from our ergonomically designed, scientifically tested Body Geometry features—Longitudinal Arch, Varus Wedge, and personalized insoles with a Metatarsal Button. When used in harmony, these three features align the hip, foot, and knee, while also limiting medial/lateral knee movement and maintaining good circulation down to your toes.
  • Patent-pending closure design secures the foot for extreme, out-of-saddle efforts, locking the metatarsals and preventing lateral roll.
  • Dyneema® is sandwiched between layers of synthetic and TPU to create no-stretch zones for the ultimate connection and comfort.
  • Our stiffest and lightest FACT Powerline™ carbon plate maximizes power transfer: Stiffness Index 15.
  • Independent BOA® Li2 Fit System for on-the-fly micro-adjustment, backed by the Boa® Guarantee.
  • PadLock™ heel construction cradles the heel and is proven to improve acceleration.
  • Non-slip, replaceable heel tread with internally recessed screws for security.
  • Form Fit last with a roomy toe box for the ultimate in connectivity and comfort.
  • Titanium alloy cleat nuts can rotate to position cleats 5mm rearward and fits all major 3-hole road pedals.
  • Real weight: 240g (1/2 pair, Size 42)



Dyneema (Gel Spun Polyethylene) is a synthetic fiber particularly suitable for the production of traction cables. It's usually used for sports applications such as kite-surfing, para-gliding, mountaineering, archery, professional fishing and used in the production of bulletproof vests. Dyneema lanyards have exceptional strength, comparable to steel cables, but with the stress, twisting and bending withstanding advantages. Unlike the first generation of HDPE (high-density polyethylene), today the Dyneema brand has made up for the disadvantage of its high elasticity, which made it dimensionally unstable. The extrusion of the Dyneema fiber takes place through the straightening of the polyethylene chain which in this form acquires the characteristics of HDPE (high density polyethylene) becoming a fiber with very high tensile strength and no elasticity.