Wilier X35 External battery for Ebikemotion SP1 + cage + connecting cable

The Range Extender works like a power bank for the main battery installed on your Hybrid bike. In the Ebikemotion X35 and X35+ systems, only the main battery provides power to the motor, while the Range Extender charges the main battery. The battery is charged regardless of whether the motor is demanding power (speed greater than 25 km/h, bicycle stopped or no pedalling). The Range Extender has a discharge rate of 1.9 A, while the motor may require up to 9 A instantly. So, the Range Extender may not provide power to the motor independently without passing through the main battery. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Range Extender always connected to the main battery, through the recharging point, to ensure the main battery is charged during use. In the case of intensive use of the battery for maximum assistance and for very long periods of time, the main battery may drain much more quickly than the Range Extender is able to recharge it. In these cases, you will have to wait for the Range Extender to charge the main battery to a sufficient level before being able to use power assistance again.

After connecting the Range Extender to the recharging point, press the IWOC button on the top of the device. The iWOC button on the bicycle’s top tube will begin to flash with the colour indicating the main battery charge level, just like it does when the battery is being charged with the normal charger. The bicycle operates normally and assistance levels can be changed as if the Range Extender were not connected. To guarantee the highest level of autonomy, you should connect the Range Extender to the main battery right from the outset, to allow the necessary time to complete charging.

To turn off the Range Extender, press and hold the button on the top of the device for 3 seconds.

The Range Extender can be charged independently or in series with respect to the Cento1 Hybrid main battery. To charge it independently, simply connect the X35 charger to the charging port on the top of the device. To charge it in series with the main battery, connect the Range Extender to the bike through the charging point and then connect the charger to the Range Extender at its charging point. The Range Extender charging level is displayed by the iWOC colour on the top of the battery. Alternatively, you can view the charge level of the Range Extender through the Ebikemotion app.


  • Compatibility: Cento1 Hybrid, Cento10 Hybrid, Jena Hybrid.
  • Capacity: 208.8 Wh.
  • Voltage: 36 V.
  • Discharge rate: 1.9 A.
  • Colour: anodised black.
  • Producer weight: 1,645 g (including battery holder).