A certain advertisement in the 90s went like this: "power is nothing without control." This slogan fits perfectly speaking about cycling gloves and the vital role they play in any season and at any time. When riding in a group your hands must move fast without hesitation, controlling the levers at all time, one finger is often touching the break the other pushing the lap button before the climb starts or changing the interface on the GPS to see the heart rate. Moving your hands to to drops and using your fingers change through gears, standing and curving through the corners making small but precise movements. And all this thanks to the perfect contact between the handlebars and gloves, made with the finest anti-slip material, breathable and comfortable which allows all possible movements without any disturbance. There are different kinds of gloves available appropriate to any possible needs related to the protection and thermal insulation, without neglecting the versatility and comfort of these indispensable tools - it is worth remembering - they are also very effective at reducing the consequences of falls and unforeseen slipping.







Great price and service!

Just received my order, which was at a great price, only two days after buying (which is great service considering it was shipped from Italy to the UK). I would therefore recommend Lordgun to anyb...

Jun 15, 2022

Excellent Service and fast delivery

Order from Australia and I had the pleasure to speak with some of the customer service office to sort out some issue with my account and understand status of my order. The service was stunning. Cl...

May 20, 2022

Very impressed

I needed to replace a helmet after ‘running out of talent’ coming down a hill, hitting the tar with my head and ending up in an ambulance. Lordgun had the helmet I needed and navigating the website...

Mar 03, 2022