Be it summer or winter it is always important to protect the head from extreme high or low temperatures to maintain adequate comfort. When the thermometer shoots up the sweat becomes an annoying companion, especially when you do a lot of climbing: in this case a very light cycling cap or a bandana becomes the perfect weapon to forget the dampness and the constant need of wiping your forehead will become a distant memory. In winter, its the other way around, one must maintain the body heat as long as possible and for this we need to protect the sensitive areas that gets cold much faster (ears and nose) using headbands, neck or ear-warmers, carefully thought out and constructed with comfortable warm materials but at the same time being breathable, thin and light. For the coldest weather its recommended the classic balaclava, insurmountable when you have to face the most extreme conditions thanks to their limited openings, they are also often resistant to wind and water.







Quick response with information that helps

Quick response with information that helps!

Jun 09, 2022

Very happy with this company. Will purchase again.

Have just received my order this morning (thursday) to UK.

Apr 28, 2022

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Second occasion I have ordered from Lordgun. 3 day delivery to the UK on my recent purchase, I will continue to use them.

Apr 01, 2022