The underwear is our second skin when we go out to train on the bike. We can buy the most beautiful cycling shirts and best technology on the market equipped with temperature regulating fibres, but if our skin is in contact with an under-shirt of poor quality the beneficial effects will be far below our expectations. For this reason the choice of an intimate of excellent quality can offer breathability and lightness as regards to summer products, warmth and comfort in winter which play considerable importance. Castelli is famous for its line of seamless underwear, while X-Bionic uses the latest compression technologies to achieve the same comfort and also promote blood circulation. Other than the under shirt it is also very important to take care of the more delicate parts of the body, in this case a boxer with padding can help to address mountain bike workouts in full tranquillity and short distance without having to resort to feel obligated by putting on a pair of bib tights.







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Great service, as always!

May 26, 2024

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