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To make sure that our bikes change gears smoothly, oiled and precise doesn't only mean washing it but you have to choose a suitable lubricant for the all weather conditions that you might face. From dry to humid climates, you can choose the lubricant most suited for your needs, paraffin based, ceramic or with more traditional components. Companies in the industry such as "Soudal" and "Muc-Off" are in collaboration with Professional Teams in the Pro Tour circuit pushing the paces of the products in the most extreme conditions.


£ 5.64
Muc-Off Wet Lube is a deep penetrating, durable P.T.F.E lubricant for wet riding conditions Muc-Off Wet Lube is an ultra durable, long distance bicycle chain and component lubricant. It's specific...


from £ 3.73
Muc-Off Dry Lube is a deep penetrating, durable P.T.F.E lubricant for dry riding conditions. Muc-Off Dry Lube is a deep penetrating, durable P.T.F.E, vegetable based wax lubricant. It's formulated...

Finish Line

£ 11.19
Finish Line's 1-Step™ is engineered for cyclists seeking a quick, one-step clean and lube formulation. As 1-Step flushes out contaminants and old lube, it leaves behind a clean new film of low fric...


£ 5.92
The first chain cleaner in the world. Patented by Barbieri in 1983. Thanks to its 1152 German nylon bristles, it cleans bike chains in just one minute without dismantling anything. It is suitable f...


from £ 9.00
C3 Dry Ceramic Lube raises the bar when it comes to providing the ultimate lubrication. It provides total corrosion protection and unparalleled performance in dry, dusty and damp conditions. With ...

Park Tool

£ 9.00
Park Tool Anti-Seize Compound reduces friction in threaded and press fit connections for easy assembly and disassembly. Ideal for bottom bracket and pedal threads, pressed headset cups, seat posts,...


£ 14.47
May we introduce 'Hydrodynamic' - the result of a dedication to innovation by both Team Sky and Muc-Off. Team Sky Hydrodynamic Chain Lube is the Ultimate in bicycle chain lubricant technology. If ...


£ 12.47
Wash Protect & Lube Kit includes: Nano Tech Bike Cleaner: Muc-Off Biodegradable Bike Cleaner has an incredibly effective cleaning formula containing 'Nano Technology' that also cares for you...

Morgan Blue

£ 6.78
Professional lubricant for bikes based on wax enriched with a friction modifier which form a thin, flexible lubricating coating. Once applied, the liquid penetrates into the inner side of the chain...


from £ 4.46
Welcome to the future. A formulation containing Boron Nitride Compounds, Fluoropolymers & Nano Ceramics for the ultimate, low friction drive chain.Did You Know?? Muc-Off C3 Bike Lube contains ...


£ 4.19
Product for general lubrication. Suitable for road bike and walking where it is privileged maximum smoothness. Thoroughly lubricates the chain, not dirty and does not cause sludge and deposits. Is ...

Morgan Blue

from £ 6.64
Professional, high quality lubricant for all bike applications. Contains synthetic additives to help reduce friction and obtain a smoother gear shift. For use in summer, in dry and wet weather cond...


£ 6.37
Teflon based synthetic lubricant, leaves on treated areas a protective film which lubrificates and does not attract grime. Features Teflon based synthetic lube. This lube doesn't attract grime...


£ 6.37
Long lasting synthetic lubricant, ideal for wet and umid condition. Features Long lasting synthetic lube. Prevents and protects from rust. Perfect for wet and umid weather condition.


£ 58.16
UFO Drip Chain Coating is a bottled product for chains that is applied in liquid form but which hardens to a 100% dry chain coating. It generates less friction than any other chain lube on the mark...


£ 3.82
Lube for wet conditions, the Wet Lube is made of vegetable oils and synthetic esters, the Wet Lube is insoluble in water, giving it exceptional protection against splashing water. This lubricant is...


£ 2.91
This lubricant excels in dry and dusty environments. Its quick drying formula forms a clean film that has a durable protection against dust and dirt. It’s ideal for drive chain, brake cable, derail...


£ 3.69
A long-lasting lube for all conditions, the Pro Lube is ideal for riders looking for competitiveness and performance. It’s made of synthetic esters that give a longer and better protection to metal...


£ 10.83
Spray with PTFE is a dry lubricant, suitable as an anti-seize and release agent, which does not leave behind any oily marks. The extremely thin PTFE layer with a particle size of 5µm prevents parts...

Squirt Lube

from £ 8.31
The Squirt Lube lubricant, contains wax and water in emulsion form that stays clean and is 100% biodegradable. A simple but and effective product. It does not attract dust and ensure silent, fluid ...

Joe's No-Flats

£ 3.27
High efficiency lubricant with PTFE. Features PTFE based lubricant, specifically developed and engineered for long distance bicycle rides in wet conditions. Coats the chain with a thin layer ...

Joe's No-Flats

£ 3.27
High efficiency lubricant with PTFE. Features PTFE based lubricant, specifically developed and engineered for long distance bicycle rides in dry conditions. Coats the chain with a thin layer ...


£ 49.38
The Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit covers all the bases when it comes to cleaning, protecting and lubing your bike. This kit isn't style specific either with all the essentials for Road, Cyc...

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