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Pumps and Repair

All types of systems to inflate wheels or to cope with the accidental punctures. From floor pumps to reduced sizes to take along with you on the longer rides, inflation and repair kits with sealant or C02 cannisters and adaptors for quick emergencies: What ever you are looking for, the product exists.


£ 8.36
Little bomb rack with double entry connection for all valve types.2 CO2 16 g little bomb included.

Effetto Mariposa

£ 9.62
Caffélatex Tubeless Tape Replacing standard rim-tape, Caffélatex Tubeless Tape perfectly adapts to rim internal profile and makes standard rims air-tight, sealing spoke holes.It allows tubeless co...

Stans No Tubes

from £ 3.11
The product that started a Tubeless Revolution. Inside this simple black bottle is a product that changed cycling. Today's tubeless systems rely on the lighter, more reliable, self-sealing perfor...


£ 8.87
An ultra compact tubeless tyre repair kit.Ultra compact polypropylene case. Kit includes machined aluminum T-handle with combined reamer and insertion tool and five tyre plugs. Features Kit inc...


£ 24.93
This durable frame pump with Switch Hitter head automatically adjusts for Schrader or Presta valve tubes, plus it shows pressure on a rotatable gauge. Features Switch Hitter head works on Schra...


£ 26.71
The Air Tool MTB pump is the most dependable and durable big-volume frame pump. It's intended to be carried on the bike for use in all off-road conditions. You'll find that it features a new invert...


£ 23.15
Mini pumps are best suited to be carried in your SWAT™ bib or jersey pocket, but it must be small enough to leave room for a tube and lever. Lucky for you, small size delivers big performance in th...


£ 34.73
The Air Tool Flex pump uses an inverted camber design that allows for quick fill-up on mountain tires, yet it can still reach the high-pressures needed for road tires. Features Twin Schrader an...


£ 23.15
Specialized believes that mini pumps are best suited to be carried in your jersey pocket or saddle bag along with a tube and lever too. Lucky for you, small size delivers big performance in this al...


£ 40.08
The Air Tool Shock Pump is a high-pressure machine that's designed to fill shocks quickly and precisely. Features Super-flexible, high-pressure shock-oil-resistant hose. Compact design for ea...


£ 62.33
The Air Tool Blast Tubeless tyre Setter features a high-pressure tank that dumps a high volume of air into a road or mountain tubeless tyres. This enables you to quickly and easily lock the beads i...


£ 48.98
Designed to reach high-pressure with minimal effort, the Air Tool HP Floor Pump requires 30% less effort than traditional floor pumps to reach 100 PSI in a 700 C tyre. Features 2.5" (64 mm) ove...


£ 37.40
Designed for Fat and Semi Fat tire bikes, the Air Tool Big Bore Pump packs massive volume-per-stroke, and it features a head that still works with winter gloves on to make it perfect for backcountr...


£ 17.81
This durable frame pump with SwitchHitter head automatically adjusts for Schrader or Presta valve tubes. Features SwitchHitter head works on Schrader or Presta valves with no disassembly. Plu...


£ 51.65
With features to rival the best, the Air Tool Comp Floor Pump combines strong performance and tremendous value. Features Large 3" (76mm) oversized gauge. Steel base and aluminium barrel constr...


£ 8.01
A new 2Bliss Ready Tire Sealant was custom-designed in partnership with a leading laboratory for tyre sealants, and it also underwent extensive real-world testing with Specialized's Factory Athlete...


£ 26.63
The Air Tool Road is a minimalistic frame pump that provides efficiency and reliability for high-pressure road tyres.All new, inverted double chamber design increases the air handling capacity by 2...


£ 3.18
Highly effective product for repair of flats of all TUFO tires. Can be used after getting a flat, instantly sealing punctures up to 2 mm in diameter. Also can be used preventively, applied to t...


from £ 13.79
Small, but powerful mini pump with CO2 Inflator integrated construction makes more convenient for the bikers. Features Barrel: Aluminium. Max pressure: 160psi / 11bar. Size: 21x36x130 mm. ...

J Sport

£ 1.69
Tube repair kit.Included:n°6 Patches.n°1 Scraper.n°1 Cement 10 ml.

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Wow...Evans had a 3 month delivery on a new visor Lordgun took 3 days

I purchased a Vanquish Giro Helmet but the visor was broken and no UK based company could provide a replacement other than Evans who said it would be November. I found Lordgun on google and althou...

Aug 22, 2018
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