Ethicsport Bisco Whey 40g bar


BISCO WHEY is a line of innovative protein bars, made of a layer of protein biscuit combined with a delicious protein cream, all covered in chocolate.
The BISCO WHEY protein bar is available in 4 different flavours, and is highly digestible thanks to its high-quality ingredients.
The BISCO WHEY range also has a high protein content (up to 37%), a low carbohydrate content and contains no hydrogenated fats.
BISCO WHEY bars are rich in fibre, making them ideal for keeping fit. They are also an excellent solution for a quick and digestible snack before a training session, or to fuel the muscles after exercise.


  • High protein content (up to 37%)
  • Low sugar content
  • High fibre content
  • Low carb
  • No hydrogenated fatsExcellent digestibility
  • 1 bar = 40g