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PowerBar Magnesium Liquid + vitamin B6 integrator


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Magnesium leads to an improved glucose ingestion into the cells.
PowerBar magnesium liquid uses as guideline the magnesium amount of 0,2mmol/kg, which was suggested by the DGE.
Magnesiumcitrate is a better magnesium source as magnesiumcarbonat or magnesiumgluconat.
Additional with vitamin B6, important for the energy metabolism.
Low in calories.

Refreshing orange flavour.

Nutritional information for 25 ml.
Energy: KJ (Kcal) 35(8)
Protein: <0.1g
Carbohydrates: 0.6 g
Gat: <0.1 g
Vitamin: B6: 0.6 mg (43%)
Magnesium: 250 mg (67%)

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