Professional Dietetics Big One Runners dietary supplement 240 tablets

Big One Runners, amino acids evolution.

Metabolic adaptation is achieved with an optimal and well balanced use of proteins. It is essential to balance what is introduced into the organism. Amino acids are like base blocks on which the proteins are built. When there is intense and prolonged effort made, the body burns proteins and not just sugars and fat to produce energy.

  • The metabolic cycle that produces energy (discovered and described by Krebs) must be constantly supplied. Proteins have a mix of essential and non-essential amino acids. We can make non-essential amino acids from the essential types, but the essential ones that we burn to produce energy are irreplaceable. Therefore the essential amino acids, indispensable for the organism, must be introduced via the foods we eat and in sufficient quantities.
  • A well-balanced mix of amino acids has been on the market for ten years and is called Big One; it contains all the essential plus two non-essential amino acids : Tyrosine and Cysteine. The excellent ratio of essential amino acids means Big One is able to satisfy the requirements of any sportsman. It does not contain the non-essential amino acids which overload the kidneys when they are eliminated.
  • From the experience of Big One in "endurance" sports a specific product has been created for "runners": BIG ONE RUNNERS, adding Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate and aspartic acid to the original Big One formula. BIG ONE RUNNERS is therefore a specific product used to keep the protein reserves in muscles intact. It allows all athletes to face the necessary and constantly increasing work loads, with optimal recovery rates.
  • The "spirit" of BIG ONE RUNNERS is to try and make your race perfect, allowing you to run to the maximum of your ability, without the risk of useless muscle strains and ensuring fast recovery. Using BIG ONE RUNNERS you train better and recover faster.

1 tab = 920 mg